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SAVA MC-50 tires. Available in Standard and Race 'Super Soft' compounds. They're made in Kranj, Slovenia and in some other European countries. At the opening round of the Ninja 250 Cup at Wakefield Park Raceway in Australia, 19 of the 26 starters wore Sava MC50s and one claimed a new lap record on them.

Whole SAVA racing tires line up:


Video of the Super Soft racing compound


Available on eBay right now at $240 shipped for the pair:


Synthetic rubber Tire Automotive tire Auto part Tread

NOTE: I use SAVA MC-60 tires on my CB500X, which is set up for adventure riding. They are great tires. They're easily as good as Continental TKC-80s but they last twice as long!

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Very nice to see that we have an alternative to the standard fare.
Those will probably last me 2 trips to the track in this heat. :)
Medium might be better around here, but hard to say.
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