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Hey bros & sisters,

I am installing the combo Scorpio Ride/Secure kit, which combines their data kit (Ride) with their security kit (you guessed it, "Secure"). Anyway, need help from you electrical wizards.

Now here is the antecedent to the current situation. Like most of us have done, and like I have mentioned in other threads, I am installing a fender eliminator kit and replacing the rear turn signals with LEDs, and license plate light with an LED. Now, here is what the Scorpio installation manual states:

"RIDE requires proper installation of
the switched power wire to function
correctly. Switched power is hot
(12 volts) when the ignition is on, zero
volts when off. Common switched
power sources are the tail light, (NOT
the brake light), the license plate light,
and some accessory plugs.

Locate the 12 volt switched wire source
on your vehicle. The most common
applications are the tail light power wire
(not the brake light) or the license plate
light power wire. Do not attach the RIDE
white wire to any LED light sources, LED
lights operate at a lower voltage.

White: Install this wire to a 12 volt
switched source using the provided
Quick Connector.

For example: the tail light or license plate
light power wire."

So those two wires are knocked out due to the lights' replacements with LEDs. So the question is, what alternate wires can I use for this scenario where I am getting the correct and constant power? Probably simple as heck, but I am no electrical guru.

Can't wait to get the Scorpio installed. heard good things about it from other forum members.

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