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I bought nearly 2 months ago the Scorpion EXO-1200 Air Helmet.
Paid 270€... Now i am asking myself if it was a good choice...
What do you think?
I found the US Helmet. http://shop.scorpionusa.com/c/street-helmets_full-face-helmets_exo-t1200_solid_matte-black
The Scorpion Logo and the Visor is silver/clear at mine... I got the Black Matte.
But why is it in the USA black and black? :eek: And why is the Name different?
I bought mine as Scorpion EXO-1200 Air and not as on the US Site shown: EXO-T1200 Helmet

Mhmmm Hope on some clearing answers :)

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I use this site to decide on which helmet to buy, http://sharp.direct.gov.uk/.
Couldn't find your exact model, but the EXO 1000 Air has a decent rating of 3/5. Hope this helped a bit
Using that SHARP site for helmet safety AND adding in this helmet chart for shape, plus reading the full reviews for comfort, fit, ventilation, quality, etc. is a good way to pick a helmet.


I buy all my helmets through FC Moto
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