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Seat Modification for Tail Bag

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I always like to carry more than the manufacturers allow for carrying on a bike.
And I don't like tank bags. So, I looked in my stash of bags and found 2 small bags that might work as tail bags.
Both are Nelson-Riggs. One is a tank bag, smaller than any they sell now. The other is a tail bag like CL-1060-R.

The modification involved removing the rear seat cover and padding. Then I re-installed the rear seat frame and mounted the tank bag to the bike with the supplied straps. It works well but is only temporary until I see if it is large enough.
Then I plan to mount it ( or the small tail bag) with bolts to the seat frame. That will allow quick removal and do away with the straps. Note: Instead of using my new rear seat, I bought a used seat on EBay for this project.

Photos when I get finished.
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Why would you do all that. I didnt have to. Just attach to the rear seat and GO!


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I want to eventually attach the bag to the seat with screws so that I don't need straps.
Because I could and think it looks neater than having a hump in the middle of the tail bag.
That answer was a bit snippy. I apologize.
Really, I wanted the tail bag as low as possible so that I would not drag my foot on it when mounting/dismounting.
I am not tall (5'6") and not young so I need to reduce potentials for error.
A foot caught while dismounting might be dangerous.

Thanks for all of your comments.
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I commend you for apologizing. Not often do people on the internet apologize to internet strangers. Kudos!

Anyhow, i get it. But youre going to want to remove it at some point i assume. And still look tight? Thats why i opted for the bag, plus Revzilla price matched it for me from Amazon. Im not young, and only 5'8" so i have to put my leg up and hop over the seat like an idiot with the tailbag, but idc what people think of me, and i only really use the bag when im going to go get takeout or something from the store.
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I bought the used seat to modify so that I would have the original seat to use when I don't use the rear bag.
I rode today for the 1st time with the rear bag installed. No problems. I'm happy. PS I already had the bag from a bike in 2028 (1983 Nighthawk 650).

Glad you got a good deal from Revzilla. It is much too tall for my comfort.
A bit late to the party, but I use a Givi tank bag with a seat mount. It takes one second to connect or disconnect it to the bike. Very handy for commuting.

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Now for a photo of the small tank bag mounted as a tail bag on a rear seat without the padding and cover.
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It works well and is easy to remove with only 3 straps.

Here is photo of my helmet lock. I removed the passenger foot pegs since I have no plans to carry a passenger.
A small chain, covered with thin-wall black rubber tubing and a small padlock. I secured it in place with a black cable tie. It works well but the helmet hangs close to the ground.

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