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Service befor or after three month winter break?

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i managed 5300km so far on this Blue firecracker :D
and season is Soon comming to an end here in Dk..
There is still 6weeks left and i can easy use up the last 700km
But i shuld like a few thougts on this service deal..
Service Befor or After the three month winter break ?

Bike will be parked inside at 20c for the break.
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I would do before storage - do fresh oil, lube chain, etc. Oil change removes most of the contaminants, rather than leave them in the crankcase over winter. I use a battery tender once a month. After oil change, run engine a bit to "wash down" the oil deposits.
I'd try to run it for a bit every week or other week if possible. Then do a service after it sits and have everything fresh for the Spring IMHO.
My dealer told me if I did not hit the 600 miles, then to just come in right before the Spring riding season starts back up again.
I'm in the same boat. Currently at 250mi, hoping to crank out the last 350 before putting it away for the winter. I think I am going to have the service done before storage so that it sits with fresh fluids rather than sitting for 4 months with all the break in gunk/contaminants still in the crankcase. I think if I run the bike for a while once every week or two and use some STABIL that the fluids will be plenty fresh come spring.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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