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If the OP has an R3, it has a shock. I don't know maybe he can grab a tape measure, remove the shock and get the measurements he needs. Probably can get measurements without removing the shock.

If not I have some measurements that I provided to my suspension guy:

Center to center eye length is 275mm

Top eye is 35mm long and 12mm id. Bottom of the shock has a hollow pin that slides through it. That pin is 60mm long 18mm od and 12mm id.

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Any idea on shocker specs. height, width etc?

Travel 130mm
Spring Free Length 297.8mm
Limit 294.4mm
Collar Length 229mm
Spring Rate K1 6.45 N/mm (0.66kgf/mm, 36.83lbf/in)
Spring Stroke K1 0.0-130.0mm
Inner Tube Diameter 41mm
Inner Tube Bending Limit 0.2mm
Oil 10W
Oil Quantity 16.47 US oz
Level 121mm


Travel 45mm
Installed Length 157mm
Spring Rate K1 161.6 N/mm (16.48kgf/mm, 922.74 lbf/in)
Spring Stroke K1 0.0-45mm
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