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Should I press the Buy button? Another tire thread

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Dear fellow R3 gropers/lovers,

I have put 1500 miles on the stock tires in only 2 months, but every other R3 on the road pulling next to me keep throwing the following two phrases at me:

1- Tail tidy mate!
2- Throw away these stock tires.

I have done my research on what tire make to choose. It seems that the Michelin Pilot 4's are the true choice given the unexpected wet conditions in the UK, it seemed to outpreform every other tire out there at braking, handling at wet, and great all around sport/cruiser tire. <Please prove me otherwise>

However due to the sizes I understand that I can only get the following sizes?

Front 120/60/17
Rear 150/70/17

Can my R3 handle these? I have run across 10 other threads where people keep fighting each other about safety, and another where they mention that spedometer will read lower mph?

Anyone else with the pilot 4 can throw their input? Thanks I want to press the buy button and have them shipped to the garage so that it arrives on Friday for fitting.
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