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I was reading through a couple of other posts (including the tear down) and was looking for some phone mounting options. I know the R3 has limited handlebar space, and it looks like it's not possible to have a stem mount so I decided the best option would be a Ram Mount with a U-Bolt.

The U-Bolt ball mount comes with two different sizes, I ended up using the longer one since the mount can't sit flush against the handlebar. I ended up moving the brake lever as far right as possible and there still wasn't enough space to sit totally flush.

That said, what I have now is pretty **** secure and doesn't interfere or touch any of the controls/cables which is good. Was riding about 70mph and the phone didn't budge on the stand.

Let me know if you guys have other mounting options, but this works pretty well I think.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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