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So what was your first mod/farkle?

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So, I've got a bone stock R3. I don't do stock very well, so I'm considering all sorts of "necessary" additions. I've got several front runners right now.

1. Tires. So I've read about the pros and cons with these Michelin tires. The biggest pro for me is that I commute on the bike as long as the weather isn't horrible and "sport touring" mileage from them sounds pretty good. They also haven't caused any puckering during normal riding on wet roads or drizzles.

I just haven't pushed the bike or tires hard enough to experience the predicted cons yet. Heck, I've still got some chicken strips. However, as I'm almost at my first oil change I've intentionally babied it.

2. Tale tidy/LED's. Tale tidy, just needs doing. No way out on this one. I like the looks of the R & G kit, they seem to make pretty solid products. When you guys did this did you go ahead and replace the pumpkins with LED's since you were there?

3. Exhaust. I took the bike to show my mother and she said, " it's so nice, you can barely hear it. Just putt putt putt." I don't think I'm up for the full exhaust and PCV right now, but something with some growl without a terrible drone at highway speeds.

Those are the three I'm wrestling with right now. What did you guys start with?

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I had a fender eliminator and Coffman shorty waiting for the bike to arrive. Those were the first things I did within 10 minutes of the bike arriving home. I use plastidip so I went ahead and did my windscreen (from the inside), frame sliders are on the way just in case one of the kids knocks it over, ordered Mirror extenders today as they are a must and cheap at $40. Probably do spools and a stand and maybe axle sliders. Most expensive was the exhaust and that was only $230. The videos do not do it justice, it sounds great. Adjustable levers are on the list. Other than those small things there really isn't much I want to do.
First thing I did was get the Yoshi rear fender eliminator. I currently have the stock signals on until I can decide which LED'S I want to go with.
Next mod I did was the exhaust, which was the most expensive thing so far, at almost $500 including the labor of $70.
I want to still get the frame sliders just in case, and flush signal lights for the front.

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While a Tail Tidy/Fender Eliminator makes the bike look much better, thats basically all it does and isnt a huge priority.

Get a good set of no-cut frame sliders (I use OGGY Knobbs, they stick out almost to the edge of the OEM front indicators and have a long, solid puck of Acetal).

A set of adjustable levers made a huge difference for me in my riding, you can get a really cheap set from Ebay which arent THAT bad but its always better to get a set machined to better tolerances and designed better overall. Spears Racing has a great set that I have coming in to replace my Ebay levers.

I would highly recommend getting a Radiator Guard, R&G make a solid one that I have which isnt too hard to install and fits well (albeit with a little bit of grunt and slight bending of the guard).

Pickup spools for the swingarm are also a necessity, you can also get ones that double as crash protection if you so wish.

If youre getting an exhaust just for a different note/sound and arent too fussed with performance from the engine or weight savings, consider getting a slip-on exhaust as you will pretty much never have any issues with engine tune by changing the slipon (the stock catalytic converter is huge and does most of the baffling and back-pressure anyway, and youll find that some slipons like the Stainless Akrapovic GP Slipon are pretty much a straight pipe).

The stock tyres are great for commuting, ive done about 8000km on my bike so far and im fairly sure ive got at least 2/3 3/4 of tread left. That being said, for weekend fun and agressive riding theyre not that great. All-weather sport touring tyre after all.
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First mod for my R3 was an eBay fender eliminator kit, came with rear LED signals.

That alone will make it look better, but you should probably get some sliders lol.

Got my TST slider on the way, the best looking/functional sliders for the R3 IMO.
i did this all at the same time. rizoma spools, yoshimura fender eliminator, dmp dark smoke integrated tail light, flush smoke turn signal, and yoshimura r3 stainless exhaust that im gonna sell or trade pretty soon. bike looks clean af.
FWIW on tires, people always bitch about how much they suck but if the primary use for your motorcycle is a daily commute you're much better off sticking with those. They will last a lot longer. I plan to ride mine out and replace them with similar tires because my fiance - who rides the R3 - doesn't do any aggressive riding. Why put on an expensive, soft tire if she won't use it?

My first purchase was a fender eliminator, followed shortly thereafter by a TST flush mount turn signal. I'm not looking to squeeze every ounce of performance out of my R3 so PCV, exhaust, etc. aren't as important to me.
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Current aftermarket parts:
Vagabond FE/Sliders
Chrome Mirrored Windscreen
Mirror extenders
Passenger seat solo replacement
Swing-arm spools that double as sliders
Ebay levers
Plasti-dipped side fairings

Parts in hand, not on bike yet:
Tyga slip-on
SS Brake Lines
Barracuda grips/bar ends

Future parts/mods:
s20 EVO tires
Air filter
Engine/clutch cases
R6 throttle?

I'm pretty happy with the current parts and mods I have right now, and can't see myself dumping more into the bike unless it's something that will actually make a difference rather than just "look cool". I really want to invest in some better gear AGV Corsa Rossi helmet / riding shoes, and just put more miles under my belt
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First thing I did was the R&G fender eliminator kit, very easy to do and put on, uses stock taillights and be careful when buying new LEDs, I just experienced it this weekend that some products don't fit. Yamaha has a unique setup when assembling the lights. I just put on a Hindle titanium slip on and sounds amazing! Only $340, looks and sounds great!
My first mods :)

- TST Industries Flush Mounted Turn signals
- Kitaco Helmet lock
-Vagabond Fender Eliminator
- Motodynamic Smoked Sequential LED tail lights


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First mod was a new set of Pirelli Diablo Rosso II tires, mirror extenders and then adjustable front foot pegs.
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The first thing I did when I got it home was removed the reflector on the front fork, went to cycle gear and found a universal tag mount to get the anchor off the back, AutoZone for some flush mount white LED strips, and then removed seven stickers off the bike.
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I just ordered my TST LED license plate light, going to remove the stock one this weekend, Ram Mount kit, hope to get it by tomorrow in the mail.
$15 FE, $6 LED turn signals, $220 MIVV GP slip on exhaust (used but perfect condition from Bird who is in this forum too), $215 set of Bridgestone Hypersport S20 EVO on its way... also got SS line from YamahaR3Racing.com, Vesrah sintered brake pads, OGIO tailbag, Stomp Grip tank grips, yellow reflective wheel stripe, yellow Yamaha logo and white custom R3 decals.

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I just ordered my TST LED license plate light, going to remove the stock one this weekend, Ram Mount kit, hope to get it by tomorrow in the mail.
I got my bike yesterday and ordered the Vagabond fender delete kit...I liked the TST but if you start picking options it gets expensive quick. I also liked that the Vagabond can use all the stock lights and bolts. I don't mind the stock turn signals (the idea of making them *smaller and harder to see* doesn't appeal to me). Amazon will have it to me tomorrow.

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The VAGABOND FENDER ELIMINATOR, is super easy to install and it feels premium, not cheap like some of the other ones. Very high quality for that price.
Fender eliminator and flush mount front signals were my first mods.
also liked that the Vagabond can use all the stock lights and bolts. I don't mind the stock turn signals
Yeah I really like it, and also reused my stock rear signals. Worked out great and holds my Cortec tail bag strap too. I like that it looks kinda stock from the rear. I did run with the TST led fronts though.
I got my bike yesterday and ordered the Vagabond fender delete kit

The FE kit is the FIRST, and "most important" mod any self-respecting new R3 owner should do to his/her new bike!

The FE kit is the FIRST, and "most important" mod any self-respecting new R3 owner should do to his/her new bike!
Funny thing, my younger brother totally digs the huge monstrosity hanging out over the rear tire. Different strokes for different folks.
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