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Solutions for damaged key entry point in ignition barrel?

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Hey there,

I bought an ex-demonstrator last week and only noticed a day later that one side of the key entry slot has been indented/compressed. This leaves a small semi-spherical opening between the indented metal side and the little, black, spring-mounted ignition slider that protects the barrel from water and debris.

It's a relatively small opening but significant enough for rain/dew to get into the ignition if the bike is left out during the night. I could just tape over the slot every night but ideally I would like to know if there is some way of replacing the key opening mechanism.

I'm wondering if the whole ignition barrel would need to be replaced which would probably entail getting new keys as well - **** expensive. Alternatively, perhaps the key opening mechanism on top is not entirely connected with the rest of the barrel below and could be replaced more cheaply? I don't think I'll have much luck with the dealer covering the repair/replacement, as I've only discovered this issue after signing the deal.

Any ideas?

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