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some of my street take off parts on ebay now

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I converted my R3 to track duty after just 200 street miles. all parts are in excellent garage kept condition.

Follow the link to my ebay listings, I'll be adding more listings soon for more OEM lighting and bodywork.

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The tank bag was used on some of my motorcycles in the past. Never had it on the R3. The magnets wouldn't work on the plastic tank cover of the R3.
I won the clip ons, combine shipping?

Cool! I'm glad they are going to a forum member. I have sent an ebay invoice with a new shipping rate since both clip ons will be shipped together.
They arrived yesterday, thanks.

I always ship ASAP and protect my shipments with good packaging materials!
Added some listings to ebay for R3 parts. Might be useful to some that may have crashed and want to replace damaged parts.

Ebay link:

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