Have some spares that came with my sons race bike that he either can't use, or doesn't need. Everything is from a 2015 R3, prices are in USD and do not include shipping. Everything is located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada and local pickup is welcome.

1. Ignition switch with key, and gas filler cap. The harness for the ignition was cut so it has no connector and soldering skills will be required to make this work. Tank filler is fine. $60
2. Throttle cables with housing and start switch. Housing is rashed and missing kill switch for some reason. Throttle tube and grip included. $35
3. Stock windscreen (as far as I can tell). $25
4. Norton lightweight rear rotor. This I would have kept and is like new, but isn't allowed in the race league my son is involved in unfortunately. $75
5. Fiberglass seat. No clue who makes it, looks brand new and unused aside from the mounting holes being drilled out already. $50
6. Stock abs tank cover. In pretty rough shape. $10

Paypal for international payments or cash/etransfer for local residents.
PM me with any questions as I'm not on here daily. Thanks.

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Hood Automotive lighting Automotive design Fender Rim

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