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Received my Spears Enterprises rear shock last week and finally installed this past weekend. This was a very easy install thanks to Mr. Spears guidance. (Thank GOD that man is patient!!) Taking the rear shock off took a little muscle and a cheater bar, but was not too bad. The install of the Spears shock was very simple and straight forward.
Due to the fact that I spoke with Mr. Spears before I ordered the shock, it was set up when I received it. All I had to do was install it. The set up he had in place was perfect! This shock raised the ride height a little and over all made the bike a ton more comfortable. After taking a few turns around the neighbor hood, I could immediately tell the difference. The ride was so smooth!! I have a track day coming up and will give an update after it is done!
If you are going to work on your suspension, do yourself a favor and call Mr. Spears at Spears Enterprises! He will get you set up with what you need and be there to answer all your questions!


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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