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Service manual illustration is fouled up.. Lower cage down, upper cage is up (image shows top bearing in proper orientation, but lower bearing shown is upside down, as the smaller inner race is on the stem at the lower triple clamp.:

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Be certain that lower race is seated to lower triple clamp, and the new outer races are seated into the frame steering tube.

During assembly, the ring nut on top of the triple clamp is initially torqued to 35 ft.lb., then loosened, and retorqued to 13ft.lb. The rubber washer is next. Then the upper ring nut is only finger tight, aligning the notches to the lower nut, then the lock washer with tabs installed to keep them aligned to one another. Repeat, upper nut is not torqued, lower nut is 13 ft.lb. final torque.

The top of the top triple clamp seats to the stem, then the nut torqued to 69 ft.lb, which clamps the upper nut and retaining washer in place. Make certain that the triple clamps at the forks are loose, so when you tightens the top nut, the forks can slide and allow the stem to be torqued in place. Then re-set and re-tighten the fork tube clamps.
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