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Aloha, I have tried several pipes and slip-ons and baffle configurations, here are results:
All have been tuned with auto-tune, PC5, k+n filter.

1: Stock exhaust with Akrapovic slip on. probably nicest sound
2: Chinese full exhaust -- very loud for me and sound is still raspy no noticeable power difference --- maybe even less power
3: Chinese full exhaust -- with supplied baffle still quite loud and sound is still raspy -- power on par with stock exhaust
4: Chinese full exhaust (the loop one) Same as above with and without baffle, still raspy but at different rpms. no power difference
5: Chinese full exhaust with the 2 baffle types that I show in the pix. (only using one of the silver ones in the pix, not both) Considerably quieter, more bass and much less raspy.
5: Continued---- 2000 rpm to 5000 rpm a bit loud, 5000 rpm to 8000 rpm noticeably quieter. 8000 rpm on up to 12,000 rpm a bit louder. and in the power curve (comes on strong at 8500 rpm+ to 11,500 rpm) pulls noticeably stronger than any other combination of pipe, muffler, slip-on combination described above.

baffle2.jpg baffle1.jpg
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