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Stop light sensors don't see me

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So on my way to work there are a couple of intersections that have a vehicle detection device (probably magnetic, I see no camera) for letting the lights know someone is there, and to change to green in the cycle. But my bike doesn't seem to trigger these very often, and I've had to "run" them after a couple cycles and no change. Anyone else have this problem and is there any advice for how to get these things to recognize me?
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Find the inductive loop in the ground (usually covered by black tar) and put your kick stand down right on top of it.
I bought one of those "greenlight magnets". It works most of the times on the lights I know that don't change when I'm there which I tolerated for about 2-3 months before I had the magnet. You just need to have to get used to the positioning where the magnet will be directly on the loop.

Then there are those lights that have no loop which I just avoid altogether.

What I've learned riding in a motorcycle that I never did riding in a car is there are a whole lot of ways to get to the location you need to get to, and you end up learning all these paths riding a motorcycle.
Contact the appropriate street department or county engineer. Those sensors can be calibrated, and they're required to recognize motorized vehicles.

If the road hasn't been paved since the loops were installed, it's easy. If it has, try positioning yourself a hand's breadth to the right of the oil slick with the front wheel just behind the stop bar. There's only one light I haven't been able to trigger ... with a carbon framed bicycle.
Sometimes when I get really annoyed I just get off and go click the button to cross that always works
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Sometimes when I get really annoyed I just get off and go click the button to cross that always works

I've seen a few MotoVloggers in Australia do that on their videos!
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Fortunately for me in Oklahoma there is a law that allows motorcycles to basically treat red lights as stop signs.
Fortunately for me in Oklahoma there is a law that allows motorcycles to basically treat red lights as stop signs.
Check your states laws. This has been happening in other states as well.
I have tried giant neo magnets I harvested from an old wind mill stuck to the belly and stuck all along the steel swing arm. They don't make any difference on either of my inductive stop light loops. Maybe it would on the kick stand. If the light doesn't ever change, it is malfunctioning. It is legal to treat a malfunctioning red light as a flashing red light/ stop sign.
Some here have pressure sensors so we have to make sure we are in the "tire track" instead of the center of the lane.
I haven't seen any pressure/ weight type switches in decades.
Induction loops aren't usually in the center of the lane, either, unless what you mean is that the whole array is centered in the lane. You want to be directly over a line, not centered in the array. Whatever the shape, you're best if you can position yourself over more than one line. With the lane positioning I suggested, over the most typical rectangular loops, your front wheel should be on the line perpendicular to and nearest the stop bar, and both wheels and frame should be over or near beside the line parallel to the direction of travel and nearer the curb.
I was out today and didn't get sensed by the light I was at--I finally just went after waiting around for a few minutes with no cars...
There was a roadside speed limit sign that I pass in my car and other two motorcycles frequently, but it did not "see" my R3 today. Maybe my R3 is invisible to radar?
Would the magnets affect the bike in any negative way?
No. But the guy saying that it needs to be calibrated by the road crew is right. I had one giving me **** with my old Majesty. I went to Subway to get supper and ran into the two guys who work on lights in that area. I told them my predicament and they said they would go fix it. I went back through that light the next night (I worked nights) and never had a problem at that intersection again.

But check your local laws. I know Louisiana has a law that says if you wait through 2 light cycles and it doesn't change you my proceed with caution.
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