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Storm hugger touching Coffman exhaust, any tips ?

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Installed Storm rear hugger and the Coffman exhaust is touching the hugger.
When I sit on the bike, there is a gap between the two, but as soon as I get off the exhaust is touching it slightly.
I'm guessing the heat will burn a hole in the hugger since it's fiberglass (i think).
Not sure if there's a chance of fire, don't know the heat generated between the tow and what it takes for it to catch on fire.
Are there any heat shields that I can slap on there, or do I need to take off the coffman and play with position to hopefully create a gap ?
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Hugger + DREMEL tool = problem solved!
LOl, don't need dremel :) Heat from exhaust will do that on it's own :)
You got a picture? Any way to loosen up the bolts on the exhaust and wiggle it away a bit and then tighten things down? Anything touching the exhaust is a pretty big no no.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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