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Stripping it down.

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Hi, new to the forum and just picked up a used R3 that I intend on turning into a track only ride. Just wondering what you guys out there are taking off the bike and how in depth your going (pulling all the unused wires for lights and what not) or if that's just a waste of time.

Thanks for any advice.
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Thanks, lots of good info. Been fallowing Capitalview's and Contrail's build threads. Started pulling things off this weekend, fairings and front end. Got a few goodies to put back on but it will be a slow process.
You can pull almost 80 pounds off the stock bike, but you will need to put about 35 back on to get into track trim. Classic yo-yo diet.

As far as unused wiring, try to trace back to a connector and disconnect there. That way, it can be returned to stock trim fairly easily. I did not have to cut any wires on mine. I don't think anyone has gone full-blown harness stripping yet (physically removing all unneeded wires, relays, fuseboxes, etc.). Should you eventually try racing it, stock harness with connectors intact may be required, so another reason to keep harness mods to a minimum.
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