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Stutter in first Minute of Riding

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Hi All

Not sure if I posted this in the right forum. But let dive into it. I'm a new rider, R3 is my first street bike. I'm sitting at 2150 miles as of today. First servicing was done.

I've noticed in the past 2 weeksish, that after sitting for 8ish hours, usually over night, my bike seems to stutter the first time I shift into second gear and approach 7k revs. It usually happens right as I turn into the street and accelerate. Within the first minute of riding, or even the first 30 seconds.

Sitting on the bike it feels like chopping the throttle, sudden deceleration coupled with acceleration, but more sudden and quick like instant cut off of throttle then coming back. It feels jerky. And its quite obvious it shouldn't be happening. It only happens once; after a couple minutes of riding it doesn't happen again. I don't know if this is the beginning of a bigger long term problem or what, and I'm worried.

Yesterday as I was heading to class, I was watching the revs to see if it would happen. Sure enough at 7k revs in 2nd the needle just sort of paused and wouldn't seem to pass it.

Any Ideas?
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I usually let my bike run while I am putting on my jacket, helmet, and gloves. I then take it easy on the revs for a couple minutes until everything warms up.

I did however leave the house one time, stopped to get gas a half mile away and when I left the gas station, I tore out of there like a scalded dog and I revved up second gear and when I pulled in the clutch, the engine shut off. It acted like I hit the the kill switch (which I did not). I coasted to the side of the road and turned off the key to give the electronics time to reset everything. I left it off for about 15 seconds and turned the key back on. She started up and I pulled away just fine taking it easy and letting it warm up for a couple miles. Never had another issue since purchasing in May.

I feel like the R3 needs time to warm up. Fuel Injection is sweet and starts instantly but maybe the system is not ready until warm.

Back when I rode carb'ed bikes, I had to let them warm up for 5 minutes before they would even move.
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thanks man, breathing easier now
True Dat - a little warm-up time is a good thing.
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