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Sunstar Rotors

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Just noticed SUNSTAR makes front rotors for our bikes which is also the same part number for the MT-09(FZ-09). Price is not bad either! Drilled/Slotted/Both available. They make semi-floating and full-floating. Which one?

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Nice find. I'd go with full floating. I am enamored with the Galfer wave rotors, but need to get a new Brembo MC/Lever and new pads to go with my Speigler brake lines first.

If I upgrade the caliper and/or rotors, then it'd be because I had the extra loot to use on it. The Galfers are beautiful but pretty expensive for mainly an aesthetic upgrade. This front rotor however is quite reasonable. About 30%+ less than the Galfers. I don't really like the slotted look.
Junpower, why'd you show me that site? I am half-Japanese (Mom) but am from New York and didn't know about this site. I have a Mitsuwa (don't know if you know that) relatively close to me in NJ, and shop on Rakuten for Japanese goods I can't get at my local store, but psyched to find a Japanese bike parts site on teh interwebz.

Anyway, I just spent a lot of money on parts for myself and holiday gifts, and have tuition due, and was like "I am not ordering any mroe ****." Yeah, I just ordered a few parts. Nothing big, but still. 15,000 Yen here, and there adds up. You're a bad influence.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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