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Sup people.

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Hey everyone. Just wanted to say hi. Normally I'm a forum lurker, not a poster. But since the R3 is so new I've noticed that this forum is just in its infancy, so I thought I'd at least say hi and try to contribute.

I've been riding for about a month and this is my 2nd bike. First was a 2013 cbr250r. Awesome looking bike (Repsol) but gutless. I've had my R3 for less than a week and I've got about 1000k on it already. Talk to u all soon.

My baby. I've named her Angry Bird.


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Welcome Mase, im Nankov also new here congrats on the bike and enjoy :)
Sup Mase! I'm new here too and I also noticed this forum is still slow.
I'll be posting DIY's and how to's for people on a budget or for first time modders. Hope to see you around!:D
Thanks guys. I like it so far. I'd never go back to the 250, but the R3 is better in some ways but not as good in other ways as my cbr.

The engine/drive train is smoother than my cbr.

The fit and finish on the switches, controls, etc are better on the cbr.

It's way easier to do an oil change on the R3.

The cat is in the muffler section on the cbr, so a slip on exhaust doubled as a cat delete. I liked that.

I get more attention from bike guys on the R3, but more attention from regular folk on the cbr.
Would be interested to hear riding impressions vs the CBR. I'm curious though, how come you went from 250 to R3. Most guys will go 250 to 600 for the second bike? Again, just wondering
The R3's rear shock is softer than the cbr's, so the ride is a bit more bouncy. Everything is a bit smoother on the R3 (clutch, gears, vibration etc). Clutch is heavier on the R3. Other than that they ride pretty much the same to me.

First, I'm still a new rider. Also, I don't like the aggressive riding position on all the 600's I've sat on. It hurts my back and neck. With the R3, I get to have a sport bike style and a relaxed riding position. Win! Sure I don't get the power of a 600, but I did get a 60% power increase over the cbr 250, so I'm still happy.
I also found the spring to be quite soft. Luckily it comes with the adjustable preload. So far, I have set mine to the second highest setting and it makes a world of difference, for me at least.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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