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Sweet Deal on Scorpion EXO-500

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www.Motorcyclegear.com has a pretty sweet deal on a series of Scorpion EXO helmets right now. I personally purchased the blue version last summer from another supplier at almost retail and the color scheme matches the R3 quite well. They have Raven and Red versions as well.

The EXO-500 comes with the internal flip down visor which is really great for not having to carry around a spare shield when the sun goes down or when you need the extra shade when the sun gets bright. Since owning my first EXO back in 2010, I have always purchased helmets that have this feature.

Below is a link to their closout page. Most sizes and colors available.


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Blue is sold out in small! Would've jumped on this otherwise.

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I have this helmet in the color Red/HighViz and love it! I thought I wouldn't use the internal visor but it's actually quite helpful and I use it on almost every ride. I would recommend this product! Check my Instagram below for pictures of it.
This pisses me off! I wanted a blue one but couldn't find them in stock anywhere. I did get one in another color and scored it for $113 on Amazon though. Great helmet. The anti fog coating they use is amazing. Even in 40 degree weather.
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