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i started riding on street in 1979 started road racing in 1982 recently sold 2013 ninja 300 race bike bought new red r-3 really like the yamaha much better. ride with sport bike track time at grattan and ginger man raceway in advance class will race it next year. i live in traverse city michigan. been buying parts from hard racing good people fast service.
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Welcome t.
We must be close in age. I started riding on the street in 1981. :)

I hope to try out Gingerman next year.
thanks I'm 52 ginger man was just repaved I'm going sept.18 i raced there first year they opened in 1996 on a honda rs 125 good to hear from you
I'll be 51 in a few months. :cool:
yea thanks hers me and nolan having fun


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That looks really nice for Michigan in Feburary! OK - what's the skinny?

Hey guys, this thread is encouraging..also inspiring....I look forwarding to continue riding into my fifties(and sixties too) as well...going to be forty soon. Have been riding for more than 25 yrs now...don't see myself stopping any time soon..

this picture is from grattan in october
Welcome from England.
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