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Tip for new riders, from a new rider

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Just an experience I thought I would share.

Usually, when I shift I try to do it as quickly as possible(for smoother shifting). I also use 2 fingers when pulling in the clutch. Today I found out that, because I use 2 fingers, I was not engaging the clutch when shifting. I actually did not know that you could shift without pulling in the clutch on an R3. From what I understand this can cause really expensive wear on your clutch. So now I have started to use my full hand on the lever and ensure that I always fully engage the clutch before shifting.

I hope this will help somebody out.
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I have always done this when shifting up while accelerating and at least mid way in the rpms if I don't have a quickshifter. Have never experienced any clutch related failures due to this, but I could see someone just learning, doing this "improperly", maybe causing some premature wear on clutch related parts.

If you take load off (throttle), it will allow you to shift up on any motorcycle.
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