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Tire options

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Just curious as to what those racing/tracking the R3 think about tire selection.

I was using Pirelli Super Corsa SC versions on my SV and really liked them. I had been planning on continuing to use them but have been thinking about the Bridgestone and Dunlop options lately.

Also been looking at either the Dunlop or Bridgestone because they are offering contingency, while Pirelli is not. My issue with the Dunlop is it only comes in 150.

Dunlop it would be the Alpha 13 front and Unbeaten 02 rear

Bridgestone has the BT003 RS

Anyone have any experience with the Dunlop or Bridgestones? Or other options out there?

I will be racing in a Supersport class, so it has to be a DOT tire.
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S20 Evo for me.

In the correct 250 sizes.
Try the BT-090(pro). RRW gave the -RS very low marks when they last did an eval which admittedly was a few years back when they first came out.
I also like the Contiforce Motard/Race tires in soft compound for front, med in rear. Last 'forever' and have good stick.
S20 Evo for me.

In the correct 250 sizes.
I went with the S-20 EVOs as well, for the street, though, since I don't race.

I also bought them in the stock R3 sizes.

My choice was based on Ari Henning's review on Motorcyclist Online, track testing a variety of tires.


And on this Visordown review:


There are many more reviews on the EVOs and all are VERY positive, whether for track or street use, dry or wet weather.

NOTE: Make sure you get the EVOS, not the earlier S-20s.....

Plus, Valentino Rossi was the tire advisor/track tester during development of this tire. That can't hurt...
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I run the BT-003s on my ninja 2-fitty and absolutely love them. Really good wear, and great traction.
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I decided to stick with the Pirellis.

Since I am changing to a bike that is about 50 lbs lighter, an inline twin vs a v twin, half the horse power, and a smaller tire profile, I don't want to have to learn to ride a different tire. One less thing I have to worry about when on the track.

Once I am used to the bike I will look at changing tires.
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