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Tire Review Thread

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Here is an idea for an ongoing post. Every time you replace your tires post a review of your experience with them on this thread. This would be an easy way for others to quickly see reviews on the tires others have used and keep an archive for the future.

Also add links to magazine tests of tires or other resources for review.

Maybe sticky this?

If you like the idea, just a a review of your last tire(s).

Here is the format I would suggest: (just copy, paste and fill in your review)

Date put on:
Date replaced:
Total miles:
% straight line:
% Twisty:
% track day:
Cost (not including labor):
Where did you buy:
Overall rating (1-10):

Please add this to the bottom of your review:
***please use this thread to post reviews only. If you have questions please start another thread or PM the reviewer. Thanks***
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Brand: Michelin
Model: Pilot Street
Size(s): Stock
Date put on: 6/15/15
Date replaced: 7/10/ 15
Total miles: 600
% straight line: 60
% Twisty: 40
% track day: 0%
Cost (not including labor): New with Bike
Where did you buy: New with Bike
Overall rating (1-10): 3.7
Summary: For mileage these seem great, but after using primarily very sticky rubber on past bikes these feel very hard and lack feel. I don't want to be too harsh, because I haven't used other tires yet.

I'll be replacing the stock rubber with Bridgestone Battleax Hypersport S20 Evo

Will update as I put some miles on them. Going to the deals gap later this month. Should be a great test.


Please add this to the bottom of your review:
***please use this thread to post reviews only. If you have questions please start another thread or PM the reviewer. Thanks***
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Brand: Michelin
Model: Pilot street
Size(s): std
Date put on: OEM
Date replaced:
Day 2.
Total miles: 200km
% straight line: 50
% Twisty: 50
% track day: Nobody would be that silly.
Cost (not including labor): Sold for $100 each (And I felt guilty, but the new rider I sold them to had flat spotted bald 5 yo tyres on a Ninja)
Where did you buy: OEM
Overall rating (1-10):
Quite possibly the worst tyres Ive ridden on since the 1980's when bias ply were all we could get, The IRC's on Ninjas are even better.
wondered what was wrong with my bike, tipping in was dangeros, powering on was deadly, coming back up out of a turn was wobbly, put radials on .... now it feels like a modern motorcycle.
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Brand: Metzeler
Model: M7 RR
Size(s): 110/70, 150/60
Date put on: June 2015
Date replaced: N/A
Total miles: about 250
% straight line: 50
% Twisty: 50
% track day: 0
Cost (not including labor): 210 USD
Where did you buy: Dennis Kirk
Overall rating (1-10): 10 so far
Summary: 150 is smallest available for rear. Well made with no rubber hairs sticking out everywhere. Dual compound rear. Did not have to add any wheel balancing lead. For me, it handles better than the stock tires. Turns feel smoother and faster. I though it would turn a hair slower, but that was not the case. I think the radial made the ride a wee bit softer
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Brand: Shinko
Model: SR 881
Size(s): 140 70 17
Date put on: 2 months ago
Date replaced:
Total miles: 2000
% straight line: 1700
% Twisty: 300
% track day: 0
Cost (not including labor): 96
Where did you buy: Revzilla
Overall rating (1-10): 8
Summary: This tire is STURDY. Its decent for sport riding and feel while its overall strength is how it feels in freeway riding. Very stable and comfortable and almost no wear in 2k mileage for me. I ride mainly freeways and its looks like a tire that will wear to 10k miles. I have a Pilot Power up front and it helps to make the bike more agile. Its a weird combo I have currently but it works, long wearing in the back and a sport tire up front.
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