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After being less than impressed with the pilot street tires that came stock, I nearly purchased a set of Rosso 2s. I have those on my 250 Repsol, and they are sweet. I spoke with my tire guy (who is also a trusted friend) and we decided to mount a set of tires I had saved from my old SV650. So a 120 Michelin Power One Street went on front, and a 160 Pilot Power 3 on back......
Before anyone chimes in about recommended wheel widths, etc, etc, I know, I read all that too. The point is, the buck should have ce with stick rubber in 120/160. The tires are squeezed no worse than they were on the SV, and the grip is phenomenal. I was dragging foot peg so hard by the 5th corner at the track i was concerned it would grab an edge in the concrete and spin me.
I then had two different Advanced riders, both accomplished ex AMA racers take the bike for a session to see if they felt anything abnormal that I didn't. All good. If you love track or Twisties, I recommend you make the switch!

Check the classifieds for a set of barely used 110/140 pilot street takeoffs........?
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