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TRACKDAY PREP? Pulling fuses to disable lights???

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OK I'm a rookie and I'm getting ready for my second track day on the 20th at Chuckwalla. My buddy said he just pulls his fuses to disable his headlights and tail lights when he does track days. Is that ok to do on the R3? On page 7-32 of the R3 manual it looks like you would just pull the number 2 signalling fuse and the number 4 headlight fuse and I should be good to go.

Has anyone done this? Is it ok to do it this way? are those the right fuses? any downsides?
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I pull
#2 Signalling system fuse 7.5A Red
#5 Headlight fuse 15A Blue.

page 7-30

USA might be different as #1 is ignition, #3 is ABS, #4 is Backup for clock, #6 is Radiator fan, #7 is spare.

On the Au bikes the front indicators unclip easily after removing the inside panels beside the radiator.
Something seems different on the USA bikes, and they seem to have orange lenses and weirdly stay on?

The whole rear tail unbolts and unplugs under the seat, so easy.
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Most TD orgs will let you just tape over the lights, but Aufitt has it nailed.
Most TD orgs will let you just tape over the lights, but Aufitt has it nailed.

Always be careful with taping hardwired lights.
Plastic lenses melt like an Icecream on a summer day,
and glass lenses can melt the reflector, ive seen some molten messes..
Last time I taped and unplugged the head light and tail light wires and forgot the blinkers and they stayed on the whole time. I'll try the fuses this time, it's probably easier, I just wanted to make sure it won't damage anything doing it that way. The headlight gets really hot when taped up and I thought it would melt the glue, so I unplugged them last time. THe last event didn't require taping, just disablling. Thanks for the quick replys. If anyone else has some ideas let me know.
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I didn't have a prob getting the vinyl off , and the residual glue was pretty minimal. I took the bike apart again this morning to reinstall my red fairings. The plugs for the headlights and front blinkers are pretty easy to access if you remove the LHS and RHS inner cowling.
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