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TWIN Under-tail Exhaust

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Twin engine does not need dual exhaust. Looks cool though.

The concept has proven to cook many a nut sack. Its awesome for aesthetics but after an hour of riding in 103 degree weather it loses its appeal. All the metal in the frame of the bike heats up including the seat. Its sweaty crotch all afternoon. I don't like how the components under the seat get super heated. I also do not like the problem that is posed with license plate mounting as it always looks poor mounting plates and signals around underseat exhaust.

Maybe with R3 it would not be as bad as 4 cylinder bikes I have tried. Doubt it though, exhaust pipe gets plenty hot.

The guys that ride under seat exhaust are always willing to trade bikes :)
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Have you seen the one on the second pic? The one with dual Side exhaust? How about that?
Have you seen the one on the second pic? The one with dual Side exhaust? How about that?

I do like the custom brackets for both sides that delete the passenger pegs. At least that setup doesn't cook your nuts like boiled eggs.

Only down fall to that is if you bail on either side its all new exhaust but I guess that's not too big of a problem.

Very unique, not common, looks great in my opinion. Goes real good with the blue.

I like how the angle of the pipes is close to the whole tails look. Sporty.
Keep in mind how easy you could burn your legs.
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Im trying to talk my boss into letting me use the Mandrel bender to make a custom exhaust to go underneath the seat. Just gotta get him to buy the tooling and smaller dyes first. :p
My FZ6 has an undertail exhaust and I do not suffer from roast nuts while riding it. The heat off the engine/radiator when the fan is running is far more uncomfortable.
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