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Ok, it's a bit presumptious and a bit early but I am thinking ahead and the new R3 will come out on,. I believe, a 15 Plate in the UK.

This means that we can have XX15 XXX

Of course, on motorbikes it will show as:


I was hoping to personalise the plate, which costs about £250 in the UK.
I have done it with cars in the past.

The only meaningful word at the top is THIS, made by TH15
The bottom 3 vould be anything..

So, it could be:

THIS MAN, THIS BOY, THIS DAD, THIS YZF (but who really knows its a YZF apart from us Yamaha bikers? )

Struggling to thnk of some decent combos.

Umm, THIS YAM .... maybe...

No, dont suggest GAY, COK, or any other derogatory 3 letter word! :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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