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Unrelated R3 question

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Does anyone know where I can get some information on gay black magic love potions to control my girlfriend and make her marry me in uraguay?
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LOL, ya beat me to it. I was wondering where I could acquire a gay voodoo doll !! LOF'NL
I would PM you my gay love magic spell, but it only works in Peru. Sorry.
Dag-nabbit!!! You guys are killin' me.

(hmmm...I wonder what it would cost me to move to Peru?...)
Crap, did I just think that out loud?! LOL
Where can I find a love problem solution for a famous astrologer in Canada? ...Anyone...?

Doesn't this jack-off know we already have a "Spammers" thread started for him? Moderators, will you please tell him to post there? Thanx
(he's in "Introductions" now)

I suspect he's a disgruntled CBR (or Raven R3) owner who just found out the blue R3 is faster... What, it's true.
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If you think getting a motorcycle is going to get you laid then no potion will help you.
Well, if your bike vibrates a lot you are already half way there...
I tried some of that stuff and really I can't recommend it. Mine was the liquid form. There is a suppository, but I haven't tried that.
Where can I find an Indian black magic home and business conflict specialist in Toronto?

(riding gear and apparel and general discussion)
Maybe this guy is one of the Indonesian workers who assembled our bikes? I found a voodoo talisman stuffed into the hollow frame tube under the seat! I was wondering why I was feeling so virile after every ride!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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