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USB Charger

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Hey guys I wanted to have my phone charged via USB on my R3 just like i have on my car so i went on eBay and bought one of these:


Has anyone installed one of these? Do i connect it straight to the battery terminal or is there another location on the R3 for this application.

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You COULD plug it in directly into the battery. It will work fine no problem. But just in case, I would add a fuse between the positive (red) wire and the battery. Something like a 5 Amp fuse should work nicely.
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OK Thanks! Would it trickle the battery a bit if i did connect it directly into the battery? I guess not if i don't have anything plugged into the USB.

Is there another location you would suggest aside from the battery?
While not in use the current draw by the converter should be minimal (your clock probably draws more current) so I don't see a problem plugging it directly to the battery through a fuse (for protection, in case of short things can blow/catch fire if not behind a fuse). Only thing is if you forget your phone or something else for awhile you could kill the battery.

The R3 doesn't seem to have any accessory wiring to which you could easily tap into. If you want to have the charger turn on on keyturn you would need to use a relay switched by something that gets turned on by keyturn. Might be a bit complicated for such a simple accessory. Wish I could help you more but I don't have my bike yet, otherwise I would tinker around and make some instructions.
I added a kill switch in line with the usb charger for the dash cam on my bike so the battery wouldn't drain when not in use.. I'll take some pictures when I get home.

I didn't add a fuse but that would be a good idea. may do that.
I'll add the fuse that's a good idea. Thanks!
@mgrund look forward to seeing your pictures and your dash cam!
I'll add the fuse that's a good idea. Thanks!
@mgrund look forward to seeing your pictures and your dash cam!

Hey I added some photos to the thread below:


haven't place a fuse in and forgot about the kill switch but this is a start.
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