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Hi guys. I am Can. from Seattle/WA. In april i am gonna buy 2016 r3. I don't ask r3 or cbr or.... I love that bike. I used to ride yamaha ybr125 at Turkey. I will buy black one. I have extra 500-600usd for helmet,jacket,gloves and phone mount. I need advice for that bcuz I'm new in USA. I hope u guys will accept me in ur group :)
I accept any suggestions. Thanks
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Someone else posted these jackets but they are without a doubt a steal. Find your size and color of choice. Hundreds off.
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Thanks. I will check. Any others...
Retail $ 450.00 USD. AXO is a well made and heavy jacket. I have that jacket red with white a steal at that price. I put a back protector in it. I just got back from a ride with it. I also have a Dainese Zen Evo nice jacket $500.00 there both nice jackets but for $102 + $29.00 shipping from Canada to LA. Can't go wrong for protection. I got the large I'm 5'-10" @ 180 pounds. fits nice the AXO. And if it does not fit you can exchange it you just have to pay the shipping. Theres a size chart I believe mixed with the photos of the jackets.
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I have 500usd to buy all of it. Not only jacket :) helmet jacket gloves :)
Best helmet deal I found was here on the forum that another user posted, $99. Scorpion EXO-500 Corsica, solid buy.
With your budget I would grab one of these. You can have your jacket and helmet for under $250 and get gloves and boots with the other $250.


I also run the Large Axo Jacket. 5'7" 162lbs. Fits perfect. Black and grey.
Looks like availability and sizes are very limited. You better snatch one up quick.


If you want a modular helmet that opens up here is the best deal I can find for quality.
You can get budget modulars for less in retail stores but they don't come close to this in materials and construction.
I just bought one of these myself for $238 and its great for the price. No tax. On my door step 11 hours from ordering.
https://www.2wheel.com/kabuto-ibuki-modular-helmet-grp_100563.html $100-$200 off

Shape of your head dictates what brands and models suit you.
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Thank you. I'm looking right now
Also check amazon. I bought a modelur helmet, gloves, jacket and boots for around 200. Free shipping if you have amazon prime
Are you going to commute or just ride for fun? Living in Washington state you will be riding in the rain. Make sure your helmet comes with a pin lock visor to prevent fogging. Textile jackets will dry out faster when they get soaked.
No. I'm not riding for fun. I was riding in Turkey. Like 2 years with ybr125. I love to ride.
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