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Vid on R3 Highway Riding

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Good video which includes highway riding capabilities of the R3 starts at approximately 3:45 Min.

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Good video. Here is mine in normal California traffic cruising at 75ish on the freeway, in case anyone thinks it might not have enough power for the freeway. I have GPS data overlayed:

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@Kojiiro: I still don't get the people saying the bike can't do highway speeds. It hauls my fat 300lbs ass to 80mph (and well beyond....) without issues...
I do 40 miles of the freeway 5 days a week on my R3 no problem. Might get a bigger windshield but that's about it.
My friend has a Kawasaki Vulcan Mean Streak. We went on a weekend trip from Southern Maryland to PA (160 miles each way) which included a majority of highway riding. My R3 kept up (to the most part) with his bike and had NO trouble with the highway speeds, merging, etc. I even had all my riding gear on (and layers!) with a full backpack.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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