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Vintage Yamaha Grand Prix Bikes

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From the personal archives of former Privateer racer Allan Engal...

Yamaha in the tech check line at Spa 1976

Factory Yamaha on the grid at Daytona

Factory Yamaha 250 at Daytona 1969

Don Vesco 250 Yamaha 1971

THE LEGEND Giacomo Agostini at Daytona 1974

250 Yamahas at Daytona 1970

Factory Yamaha Garage Daytona 1969
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These are awesome pictures. Thanks for posting them up here. I think that the fairing on all of these race bikes look really cool. It would be great to see them bring back a fairing like that on some kind of neo-retro bike. Those are really in right now too, but they tend to be more cafe racer or scrambler than race bike. Could be a good opportunity for whatever brand capitalizes.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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