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Hey everyone,
I swear I already had an account but I guess not. Any who, I'm a 23 yr old kid starting my 2nd year novice of racing with WMRRA. If you happen to live in Washinton state, the name is Kin just in case we ever meet up haha.
The R3 is my 2nd bike. Previously I had a CBR250r for 3 yrs 13,000 miles with 4 races and 2 track days.

I decided this year I will start a blog about my racing. Won't be much more new stuff than people posting and racing here but it will be for motivation and those that are interested. You can follow me here

I'm definitely going to try to be one of the helpers out here to find parts for the bike so people don't have to go through 15 pages of google search.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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