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What do you like the most about your Yamaha R3?

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Just thought that it would be a fun thread for everyone to say what they like most about their R3. A good conversation starter.
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I've wanted a street bike for years. Always had quads and dirt bikes since I was about 5 years old ( now 33 ). But I'm always in and out of hobbies, things sit and its like wasted money in a sense. I liked the look of the R3 while at lower dollar entry point. Just enough power so I can get a feel for street riding, while not a big upfront payment ( I purchased my bike cash ). Also have purchased numerous mods for my bike, and have installed them myself, which has been just as fun as riding it... okay well almost. Also it got me back into designing in CAD, so I have designed some mirror blanks, passenger peg blanks, and radiator cover.
Exactly what Kevin said.

Great looks, economical price, right amount of power, and..... its a Yamaha
I like that it's not a Kawasaki!!
... and that it's fuel injected. :)
The aftermarket is exploding daily with new tidbits and knick-knacks for us too.
It feels like I'm riding on top of Miley Cyrus!


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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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