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Klim induction jacket -M
D3O shoulders, elbow, back. If you crash within five years Klim will replace it. Klim
Stuff is awesome but pricey

Alpinestars SMX2 Air gloves -M
I have big knuckles and these hurt sometimes

PMJ Café Racer jeans -34
better than AAA abrasion includes hip
And knee armour CE rated

Shoei RF-1200 photochromatic -M
The gold standard I guess in DOT and Snell but some recommend ECE or FIM as superior standards

Díanese Axial D1 Air boots -42
I got spooked about burning or breaking my ankle and went over the top on these. I bought TCX high top sneakers originally. Pricey race caliber boot

I wear wicking under layer shirt or two if it’s chilly

I am 5-11 and 190lbs

Fortnine and Revzilla are great places to buy and learn about gear.
61 - 62 of 62 Posts