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Whats the farthest you have ridden on your R3?

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As a recovering motorcycle enthusiast, I plan on riding as much as I can to gain experience and was wondering how far you guys have ridden. There is 400 miles between myself in Socal to my friend in Norcal. Im thinking about riding it in one day, spontaneously of course. How far would you go in one day?
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80 miles one on day and another day 72 miles. I'm just under 400 miles, and plan to ride a ton this weekend to get me over the 600 mark so I bring it in for the first service, and maybe put an exhaust on it.
New Jersey? Heard from a friend that place is crazy to ride due to drivers, not that California is any better.
I have only ridden 75kms in one day. That was today before work. I have only 135kms on my bike lol.
I ride 40 miles every day, and one day 50. I work 20 miles from my house.
1st day I put on a whopping 3 miles from the dealer to my garage. The next morning I rode about 180 miles or so around Pikes Peak, bike was awesome, I was only starting to get fatigued near the end because the speed limit here is 75 and I was trying to keep up with the cagers doing 90. Those higher speeds make a huge difference in how comfortable I am on the bike, I'm not a fan fighting with the wind and being blown around a bit.
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400 miles each way is not bad if you are conditioned for it. Ride for an hour on the way to work and for an hour on the way home each day for a month and you will be strong enough for your trip. I just got back from an 880 trip on my CBR250R. One fuel/ lunch stop each way between 200 to 240 mile legs. The biggest obstacle is luggage. I recommend a DIY plank bolted to the rear seat, a duffle bag, and some bungies.
@007hamster where is pikes peak?
@sendler If I did a trip like that I would just stuff some stuff in a backpack. I used to carry a 50-100 pound ruck for miles in the military sometimes so I figure a small backpack can't be bad right?
Many people ride with a back pack. I would rather not have anything hanging on me if riding that far.
Speed limit is 110kph, nobody sticks to it but say average 100kph for 10 hrs = 1000km.
600 miles in dino language

1350km on my cbr250 in less than this time was a walk in the park including the final 500km home from the city in 3 hrs 45 mins WOT including a refuel and smoke break.
managed 261km from a tank of fuel and it died just as I rolled into the only fuel for the next 200km as was xmas day and everything shut.

R3 could do heaps better as 190kph top speed vs 162kph.
But if you stick to that speed you will probably lose your licence and doing highway only is boring :) I bet 400km twisties takes more effors thn 1000kms of highway
But if you stick to that speed you will probably lose your licence and doing highway only is boring :) I bet 400km twisties takes more effors thn 1000kms of highway

'Highways' are twisty here, freeways are straight and boring.

Time and place,
I rarely ride on the road, it sucks.

One 6 lap race takes more effort as adrenalin is pumping no matter how much I meditate in silence before the start
I'm at 850 miles longest in one day 170 miles.
last weekend my girl went with me 165 miles on her R3 , AND back the next day
she never rode more than 15 miles before and this is her 1st bike !!!
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I rode 325 miles yesterday including 100 miles of freeway and the rest back roads. Last Tuesday was 355 miles. The only issue at all is the marginal seat. I've got a sheepskin on it but it's not helping. It gets really uncomfortable at about 275 miles. I think part of the seat problem is the density of the foam which probably was formulated for smaller riders. I'm 190 lbs with gear. It feels like the seat packs down after a few hours. Might try an Airhawk next or maybe some gel from Saddlemens.

1.6 miles total haha.... When I picked her up last Tues, she had 1 mile.
I did about 150 miles on a run once. My entire body goes numb after 50 miles or so.
I'm about the same as you Max. My hands start getting tingly from the vibration and my back and neck get sore after about 60 - 100 kms. I have a friend who rode his R3 from Wellington to Te Aroha (517km) in a day on not the best of roads.
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Longest ride so far was 260kms. No issues to report, just pure joy! next day I felt my shoulders talk to me, I'm assuming its mostly due to the weight on my back (gear + backpack) and of course the shocks through the steering.
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Im considering putting some anti heat and vibration material in the bike, to help with the numbness and crotch rot. Its not safe riding with dead legs. I almost dumped the bike due to dead legs once.
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