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I have started to ride a Yamaha R3 only from about a month and mostly on the track and very little on road, just the 20 km to get to the track. After I made my research on forums and read many posts, I think about the Pirelli superCorsa V3. My question is which of the SP or the SC is more suitable for me in order to make progress faster, as I am a beginner with only 1 month on the bike but I practice every week on the track and I want to improve my riding skill progressively and consistent. So my goal for now is not better lap times but consistent progress and learning... at least for the first tires.

Do I need warmers for both of them?

The bike has the stock Dunlop GPR300. do you think I can run on them until they worn or my progress/learning would be better on Supercorsa? I am a novice but I’ve started to put my knee down... can I run out of grip on the GPR300?

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