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Windy rides

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Had the bike out in some pretty significant wind today and yesterday, and I'm so pleased! Upright, it slices through the wind like it was nothing. I kind of already knew this from the way it slices through the "wake" of a semi when passing it, and barely gets buffeted when I'm stuck behind a truck on a two-lane. It did get a little light when I was leaned over on the windward side, but nothing difficult or unexpected. I've had bikes that were pretty "normal" in wind, one bike that was a real handful, but this is the first bike I've ever ridden that wind just seems to roll right off it. Wasn't necessarily expecting that from a lightweight, fully faired bike.

One more thing to love about the new baby. :)
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There was a good discussion of cross wind performance on the CBR250R site. Some interesting dynamicsof the front steering geometry are involved a good motorcycle's ability to self correct into side winds due to the trail in the front end.
Thanks for the link sendler. I happen to find the physics of it incredibly interesting, so I'm having a great time reading up on my lunch break! Those times when you're not able to "just go out and ride the **** thing", it helps ease the pain when you just go study the **** thing lol. :nerd:
It is weird reading the thread again because I didn't know how a motorcycle could self correct into a side wind when I started it. Bt eventually the explanation came and it makes sense.
Many people sware that the bike can't do this and the argument got pretty intense. There was always at least one person on three different forums where I I posted about this that would sware that the bike can't self correct into side winds, but it is really easy to feel on just about any bike if you anchor yourself to the tank and take the weight off of the bars so you are essentially riding no handed.
I just had a pleasant ride in 40+ mph primarily crosswinds with some headwinds as well. The only bad part wasy helmet getting moved around from it, the bike was amazing. With only 350 miles in 10 days, it was still easy for it to creep past 7k in 6th.
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