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Wintex GP Stingray Gauntlet Gloves - Size Large
Clean, no smell, never sweat in. I have worn these gloves for about 600 miles of short to moderate freeway runs. Just broken in.
Soft and comfortable for every day street use. These offer enough protection to use on a track should you want to but they are perfectly good for day to day riding in full comfort and mobility with high levels of protection.

You can check the reviews here at revzilla, they have very good customer reviews.
High quality gloves produced on the same production line as the AGV's in the link. Only difference is the carbon look around the knuckle and the wrist flap is different material. Perforated top panel is done in white instead of black like on AGV badged glove to differentiate the brands.

Friend just sold me his Alpinestars GP Tech when he got some Dainese Titaniums (<moon suit track only stuff) so I am letting these go for half of retail delivered.

Fast same day shipping. Packaged and ready to ship. Tracking information and image of your package delivered via Private Message.
$65 paypal, shipped to US 48 states. Great deal, should not take long for these to move at that price.

I have had a half a dozen successful sales in the marketplace here, you can check the parts section to see my sales to other members.

The color bleed onto the white is from the gloves being sprayed with alcohol when new to soften them.
I opt for alcohol like bull riders as opposed to wetting them with water. The hides stay thick and supple after alcohol. Water tends to harden and dry the hides.

Calf leather with stingray inserts, siliconized and reinforced palm, carbon inserts, pre-curved fingers, perforated leather, upholstery Temperfoam, long cuff, Pinky connected by leather straps with ring finger
Constructed from premium cowhide leather with high tear strength
Premium grade abrasion resistant kangaroo leather on the underside
Ergonomically pre curved fingers with elastic resistance for comfort and maximum performance
High tensile strength external thread stitching constriction with leather reinforced palm, thumb and outer of little finger for maximum safety
Fourth and third finger bridge for protection
High abrasion stingray leather on the outer hand side, back side, cuff areas and palm area for ultimate safety
Perforated leather panels between the fingers for intake ventilation
Perforated leather on back of hand for exhaust ventilation
Back of hand protected with hard plastic armor covered with perforated leather for maximum air-flow and breathability
High impact leather reinforced areas on all fingers double stitched for maximum strength
Duo finger vents on first second and third fingers for individual finger ventilation/air flow
Wrist strap for extra security with leather flap for cover
Double cuff closure for maximum security and fit
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