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Won't Take Off

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I just got the bike a couple of days ago and have already but around 150 miles on the bike. Now the bike will start up all fine but when I go to release the clutch and pull on the throttle to take off it just completely stops all together.
Any ideas of what is happening or how to fix?
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I just got my R3 a few days ago and have put around 160 miles on it. The bike starts up all fine but when it goes to taking off it has problems already. I will be releasing the clutch and pulling on the throttle and now it just will stop all together for some reason. Any ideas with what is happening or how to fix?
take a video of it, it will give everyone a better understanding of your situation
Check the side stand sensor wiring, sometimes it gets loose and messes up the entire bike.

It's supposed to be activated when the side stand is down, and shutting off the engine for safety purposes. But there are cases when the sensor is not placed correctly and is permanently activated.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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