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This is for a track only bike, and I am on a budget since I am not working at the moment. I would like to track my wife's R3 this season if possible but need the following parts...

I am selling a set of gold rearsets that are used but in good shape. They were used about half a season last year, and I've only put one weekend on them myself. They came with the track bike I bought, and the color clashed with my design. Never down with now damage, just some boot rub on the heel guards. New they're around $100-120 on eBay. I'd be willing to part with them for $60 shipped to your door, assuming you're in the US 48 states.

I also am selling a set of NortonFab Generation II rearset risers in nearly mint shape. They were only mounted for the same weekend. Essentially new yet. They go for $120 new (I think right now he has them on sale for $100 due to some that are slightly blemished). I would be willing to part with them for $80 shipped to your door.

I used the gold rearsets with the NortonFab risers that same weekend and thought the setup was a massive upgrade from stock. Buy both and I'll let them go for $125 shipped.

Let me know either way! Thanks!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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