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WTB Left Footrest/Foot Peg and Shift Pedal Assembly

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Hi guys, I have a 2017 R3 ABS and as the title states I’m looking for the left foot rest or foot peg, and a shift pedal assembly. Thank you!

Shipped to 91723 or 91710!

Thank you,
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Yamaha OEM parts are surprisingly affordable. I have a schematic and parts list below. The part numbers are Yamaha OEM and are the same with any reputable vendor. Every part of the R3 is available with sites like this one, just scroll through and find them.
Yamaha Motorcycle 2017 OEM Parts Diagram for Shift Shaft | Partzilla.com
Yamaha Motorcycle 2017 OEM Parts Diagram for Stand/footrest | Partzilla.com
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