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WTT new rear seat for used or torn one

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I'm looking at doing a top case mod and hate to cut into a perfectly good, and brand new rear seat. 200 miles, no passengers.

You pay shipping for both (or come to pick up & drop off). I'm in Raleigh, NC.

Here's the catch, I leave on the 22nd so overnight/2 day shipping is a must, I'll be happy to send to you at whatever pace you want.

I don't have Paypal, but will send you a pic of the shipping receipt, tracking # & box getting shipped and you can drop cash/check/money order in the box with your seat.

Pm me if you want to exchange.

It's a long shot but hey, worth a go.
Safe riding out there!
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Disregard, fixed mine in 10 minutes with a die. Recut the threads, good as new.
I think the same bolt holds the bracket? I will probably just remove the fabric and padding, leaving the remaining hardware. Thanks for reaching out though!
I know it's past your deadline, but any chance you're still up for a trade?

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