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I got one of those TINY Yamaha accessory tank bags that uses suction cups to hold it to the plastic tank.
It's TINY, but that's what I wanted. I carry a small pair of pliers, 4 CO2 cartridges, a DynaPlug Pro flat repair kit, my wallet, and a small cellphone.
The suction cups hold very tight. I did over 125 miles on a group ride Saturday and not one of them came loose, but I did use the small tether strap that came with it.
It cost $85, fits great, and is well made.
HOWEVER, there are much better options for the same $$$ if you want to carry more than a flat repair kit and a phone.
It's WAY overpriced for what it is, but as we all know, Yamaha charges out the *** for stuff like!

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