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Yamaha isn't planning on a 3-cylinder Yamaha YZF-R6

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People have been asking if Yamaha will be creating a 3-cylinder YZF-R6 supersport bike. Now those questions can be put to rest.

It looks like the emissions documents CARB (California Air Resources Board) received for the homologation the R6 machines need for being legally sold in 2015 showed the same 4-cylinder in-line power unit, with no modifications over the previous version. That means the R6 enthusiasts who were dreaming about a heavily updated bike for the next season will just have to do with the current configuration which puts them in charge of 123 horsepower @14,500 rpm and 66Nm (49 lb-ft) at 10,500.
This doesn't mean that Yamaha won't build the R6 eventually though. There are new engines on the shelf that could be used possibly: the 689cc parallel twin in the MT-07 and the 847cc triple of the MT-09. I guess the former would be closer to the 700cc target.

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If they do go 3 then it just made the Truimph 675 market more competitive...
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