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Yamaha MT25 Will release soon

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Got information from yamaha Indonesia that MT25/MT3 (Naked version of yamaha R3) will be released on June 2015, the bike price is about $3400 (250cc)
MT25/MT3 will use engine guard, Radiator Side shroud to cover its engine
and other parts are same as R3 here is the pict
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Yamaha MT25/MT3


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Looks like a mini fz07. I like it
Likey-likey the blue frame. Gives me a new idea for my R3.......
I hope that the handlebars will be more upward, better upright seating position, and there will be mounting options for trunks...

One thing I find companies are forgetting, is that a 300cc is a well capable touring machine!

Forget about a MT25, it wouldn't work in the USA, too slow, but a MT3 is at the bottom of the scale,
a bike that can be used anywhere, to go anywhere!
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