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I was just dicking around in my shop on a rainy day, looking at my 2020 r3 and discovered a relativity easy and free/cheap way to widen and lower the oem clip ons. I always felt the bars were a little narrow and riding position a little too upright for how I like to ride this bike. (Aggressive back curvy roads and track days). All you need are 2 spacers and 2 longer bolts. However big of a spacer you want to run will determine how much lower the bars sit and how long of a bolt you will need. I found an aluminum spacer from a mountain bike shock install kit, which I cut in half and made 2 10mm spacers. And I found 2 bolts laying around that were 10mm longer than stock so this worked perfectly.


If you want to widen the bars in addition to lowering them, you will need to dremel out the triple tree a bit in order to allow them to swing out. I dremeled the holes enough so the bolt head lays against the triple tree on both sides. This gives me the maximum width of the bars possible while ensuing they are even on both sides. Also you still have about a half inch of clearing at full lock from the brake levers to the wind screen/ fairing so no issues there.


I took some videos showing more in detail the mods I did but it won’t let me post videos here. Hope you like my idea! Much easier and cheaper than replacing the clip ons all together with aftermarket ones. Also since I have my first track day coming up in a few days, I just wanted to see how the mirrors come off. And after I took them off, I noticed the bolts they use and theapacers the have underneath would be perfect for the clip on mod. They are 12mm spacers. So you can just order those if you don’t have the proper hard ware and spacers laying around like I did

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